This web domain could be used for a real estate platform on TON Blockchain, providing secure and transparent property listings, buying, selling, and rental services.

Minimum Bid

3 000≈ $21.8K

Sale price

70 000≈ $508.9K


I’d like to discuss the purchase of a web domain with you directly.
Are these NFT domains or regular web domains?

These are regular Web2 domains that imply paying a yearly fee for hosting. Almost all of these web domains are registered on

How can I confirm that you actually own these domains?

Follow the link of any domain in a browser and you will see that it shows the auction page of this domain.

How will you transfer the web domain?

After purchasing the web domain as part of an auction or via a direct sale, you’ll be able to scan a QR code to confirm the transaction and leave your contact information. Then, you’ll be contacted by a manager who will transfer the web domain to you.

What’s the difference between an auction and a direct sale?

By purchasing the web domain via a direct sale, you instantly get the web domain for the fixed price. By participating in an auction, you have a chance to get the web domain for a lower price than the direct sale. However, keep in mind that another participant can always outbid you.

What is TON (The Open Network)?

The Open Network (TON) is a layer-1 blockchain, originally developed by the Telegram team. Learn more on